TRESTA - The Renewable Energy Skills Training Academy - was established by Steel Engineering Ltd because they recognised a significant skills gap and shortage of personnel existed in the renewable energy sector. They also realised that there was no clear career pathway for individuals working and training in the industry. To address this, TRESTA was formed with a vision to create an Academy capable of delivering high quality; industry recognised training to service the renewables sector. Consequently, this will reduce the skills gap that currently exists both locally and nationally. Since September 2011 TRESTA has secured funding and support from a wide range of private and public sector organisations. This has enabled Steel Engineering Ltd’s original concept to become a reality.

Due to the continued use of harmful fossil fuels and their effect on the environment means that how and where we produce energy must change. The UK’s - and especially Scotland’s - geographical location puts the country in a prime position to harness its substantial renewable energy resources and TRESTA aim to embrace and capitalise on these opportunities. This will result in cleaner and more efficient energy production and will also significantly boost the Scottish economy. This growing and vibrant industry brings career opportunities in a wide range of interesting and challenging jobs, while at the same time helping to safeguard the future of the planet.

Because TRESTA recognises everyone has the potential to develop a skill, TRESTA caters for a wide range of ages and levels of ability. Therefore a diverse choice of training opportunities and qualifications are being developed. These are designed to train individuals in the cutting edge technology and manufacturing processes that are used within the renewables sector. TRESTA is constantly working in partnership with Colleges and a range of industry partners to ensure that whatever training and development is delivered, it is driven by industry needs. All provision is firmly rooted in the qualifications structure with appropriate certification. For specialist courses certification will be provided by a range of industry recognised Awarding Bodies.

TRESTA aims to set the industry standard for training in the renewable energy sector.



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