Every hour the sun provides the earth’s atmosphere with approximately 175 million watts of energy. 1 - 2% of this is then converted to wind energy.

As the energy heats the earth’s surface, air rises. Rising air then produces low pressure and draws in cooler air which creates circulation patterns. Air therefore naturally flows from high pressure to low pressure and this movement is what we call “the wind”.

Higher wind speeds are generated offshore compared to onshore due to the temperature differences between the landmass and the sea which causes a greater movement of air. By utilising the power of the wind and transferring it to wind turbines significant amounts of renewable energy are then produced.

The UK is the world leader in offshore wind with a higher installed capacity than anywhere else in the world, enough to supply electricity to approximately one million homes annually. Offshore wind energy has attracted £5 billion in investment to the UK over the last decade and by 2020 this is set to exceed £50 billion.

Scotland is a world leader in the development and construction of deep water offshore wind farms which is playing a pivotal role in rejuvenating the Scottish economy. Offshore wind energy holds huge potential in terms of future energy generation and the substantial economic and environmental benefits it presents us with. Due to our geographical position wind is plentiful in Scotland with the country having over 25% of Europe’s potential wind resource. Therefore the opportunity for us to utilise it to our advantage is huge and provides us with a fantastic opportunity to harness our renewable resources to produce a more efficient, less expensive and cleaner source of energy.

In the last 20 years the offshore wind energy industry has developed in to a multi-billion pound global industry which continues to grow by approximately 20% every year. In Scotland it is estimated that our offshore wind output will grow to 10.5GW (gigawatts) of electricity by 2020 with investment of £30 billion which will create an additional 28,000 jobs in the sector.

Using leading edge technology, this vibrant and growing industry is creating a wide range of exciting and challenging career opportunities which can help shape your future along with helping to protect the planet.




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